Get Me There

by Y&R - Budapest

Dreams come true, steps one and two.

Skyscanner is just one of many travel search engines that offer flights all over the world. So how could Y&R in Budapest inspire people to travel more, thus growing sales in Hungary?


Their answer was a stunningly simple way to make Skyscanner stand out in a busy market.


Y&R named it Get Me There, a small Chrome extension that works while you’re surfing the net. When you see the picture of a travel destination anywhere in the world, you click on the Get Me There button that pops up, and in seconds the plug-in presents you with a customized flight deal: where you’re going; which flight from Budapest; what it costs.


So, your dream place is found, the lowest price located, and all you have to do is book.


And many did. In the first week after the launch, visits from Hungarian IP addresses to Skyscanner’s booking page increased 18%.
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