Age Miracle

The miracle campaign.
Pond's skincare successfully relaunched
in Asia in 2007, with its Age Miracle
range quickly becoming the leader in
multiple markets. The notable exception
to this was China, where consumers regarded
it as a cheap, mass brand.
The Pond's Age Miracle Blogger Trial was a peer-to-peer recommendation campaign based on a seven-day blind product test. It aimed to generate pure, unbiased consumer judgment - and accompanying online buzz.

In short, Ogilvy PR invited 150 influential beauty bloggers (with over 60 million page views) to trial a 'secret mystery cream' against their current prestige brands.

Guessed the secret yet? Once the votes were in, it turns out that Age Miracle was rated higher by 90% of these bloggers. And, thanks to their endorsement, Pond's sales rocketed by more than 42%.

Client David Steele called the campaign the 'PR highlight of the year' adding 'The blogger trial was China's first digital influence campaign, and what a successful venture!'
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