Identifying Australia's Great Productivity Gap

Australia's Great Productivity Gap.
Originally a government utility, Telstra
still carries the stigma of being a
slow-moving monopoly compared to its
faster-paced private competitors. (This,
despite a radical overhaul of operations.)
In acrowded marketplace, Telstra has
traditionally found it difficult to
achieve positive media coverage, regardless
of its world-leading information and
communication technology.
In late 2008, Telstra put out a challenge: it wanted an innovative platform to help cut through the criticism, and demonstrate the company's reinvigorated business-to-business offering.

Ogilvy PR discovered Telstra's competitors were all fighting for a share of the 'innovation space'. But this ignored the driving force for many potential customers: productivity.

The team commissioned a survey, and published 'The Telstra Productivity Indicator'. This comprehensive guide was supported by a business-to-business campaign - and the results were impressive. Telstra nudged out its competitors when judged on image and reputation, with a significant spike in approval. Sales matched this response, too: 10,000 new units, and 23,000 2G migrations. Sounds very productive indeed.