The impact of our work case studies (2011)

  Type Issue Campaign Client Company
Sustainability in Marketing Sustainability Let's Go Shell JWT London
  Cause related Fundraising Team 28 Mosaic RadioShack Mindshare Chicago
  Cause related Fundraising American Express Members Project American Express O&M and Mindshare New York
  Social Marketing Fundraising Your help can keep us going Cruz Roja Mexicana (Red Cross) JWT Mexico
  Social Marketing Other Umshini Wakho Gun Free South Africa Y&R Cape Town
  Sustainability in Marketing Sustainability Don't consumer the nature Arcelik Y&R Istanbul
  Sustainability in Marketing Sustainability Future Friendly P&G Hill & Knowlton, London
  Sustainability in Marketing Sustainability Ecology meets Economy Volkswagen G2 Germany
  Sustainability in Marketing Health Will anyone cook in 2030 Sainsbury's Added Value, London
  Cause related Fundraising Miracle Machine Kraft JWT Manila
  Cause related Fundraising Fundraising The Royal British Legion Burson-Marsteller London
Cause related Environment Full Life Papers Worldwide/
Neenah Paper
Y&R Dubai
  Cause related Health Quaker Oats Pepsico Mindshare India
  Cause related Fundraising The big Knitting Innocent Mediacom Austria
  Social marketing Sustainability The Smarter City IBM Smarter Planet Ogilvy North America
  Social marketing Environment Littering is Wrong Keep America Beautiful H&K Tampa and Washington
  Social marketing Environment Ford Environmental Conservation Award Ford JWT Sao Paulo
  Social marketing Domestic Violence This can't hide all your wounds Jordan River Foundation Wunderman Jordan
  Social marketing Environment Gmodelo & Corona STP Hotel JWT Madrid
  Social marketing Road Safety Awareness AIP - The Asia Injury Prevention Foundation Global Helmet Vaccine Initiative O&M Vietnam    
  Social marketing Disability Carecareers National Disability Services The Campaign Palace Sydney
  Social marketing Environment When you see panda, think tuna Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Ogilvy Singapore
  Social marketing Environment Forest Fire WWF Ogilvy Bogota
  Social marketing Environment Meltdown AICMED - Environmental Preservation Ogilvy Kolkata
  Social marketing Human Rights 2100 in 2010 Human Rights Watch JWT New York
  Social marketing Health Born HIV Free The Global Fund Johannes Leonardo & Ogilvy PR Paris
  Social marketing Environment Glacier Law Greenpeace Y&R Buenos Aires
  Social marketing Environment What will it take before we respect the planet WWF O&M France
  Social marketing Local Community Reserved & Home Habitat for Humanity Ogilvy Hungary
  Sustainability in marketing Environment Paper Tree Southern California Edison Wunderman Irvine
  Sustainability in marketing Alcohol  & Drug Abuse Drink Don't Drive Thai Asia Pacific Brewery (Heineken) JWT Bangkok
  Sustainability in marketing Environment Use mobile - save paper Idea Cellular Mindshare Bangalore
  Sustainability in marketing Environment Water Coop Y&R Italy

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