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Effective Package Design:
How emotional connections affect the bottom line

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach consumers. More and more, people tune out product communication, particularly advertising, which is alternately perceived as invasive or thought of as entertainment. Product packaging has the potential to be one of the most effective means to communicate directly with consumers and drive bottom-line growth. However, many brands lack a vital ingredient for success: a unique personality that creates an emotional connection with consumers. This approach may seem obvious, but too many products are marketed according to functional benefits alone. As Ansel Adams said, “There’s nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.”

The ability to evoke an emotional response is the hallmark of great brands and the characteristic that distinguishes them from commodities. Despite today’s saturated market, there is an opportunity for brands to grow – if they are built around a compelling core idea. The approaches vary among niche brands, private label brands and name brands, but in each case successful brands rely on packaging to form relationships with consumers.

Connecting with consumers is critical because having a great product is no longer enough. While quality will always be the most important component for success, the speed of innovation and the myriad choices facing consumers have resulted in an overwhelming number of undifferentiated brands. The most successful brands start with a great concept and use packaging as a vehicle to transcend the product itself and evoke a positive emotional response.

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