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Bates 141 - Change Bite - Top Changes for 2008

This is not a trend report.

A trend report identifies emerging social behaviors and aspirations. It predicts what might become mainstream while it’s still niche. As such, trends are used to develop products and ideas that can be seen as more innovative given that they are mostly unknown to the masses. Trends help to ascertain where things might be headed. They are a general compass.

A change report pinpoints irreversible shifts that are taking place in society at large - media, politics, the environment, entertainment, marketing and branding, consumer behavior and attitudes. We use changes as nuggets of inspiration for finding ChangePoints - radical new ways to engage with consumers. As such, this Change report should act as a stop sign that forces reappraisal of how you do things.

Download the full report (pdf)

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Guillaume Pagnoux
Regional Intelligence Manager
Bates 141 Group
[email protected]
+65 6393 5209

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Guillaume Pagnoux
Regional Intelligence Manager, Bates 141 Group

Bates 141 Singapore

Full report (pdf)