The issue

Clients, investors and employees are showing increased interest in our approach to environmental issues. Reducing our environmental impact enhances our credibility as communications advisors on climate change. It enables us to demonstrate to stakeholders that we have strong environmental principles. Using energy and other resources more efficiently also helps us to reduce costs and respond to new regulations. Cutting our impact on the environment as our business grows is important but challenging.

Our response

We aim for WPP to be a low-carbon and resource-efficient Group. We set strategy at a Group level, covering energy and climate change, resource efficiency and waste management. 

To implement our strategy, we have established Environmental Action Teams in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. These include members of key Group functions, such as IT, real estate and procurement. They work closely with our companies, identifying environmental best practices through pilot projects and providing support and technical guidance. For example, we are developing a tool-kit to help our companies achieve carbon savings. Our network of Climate Champions, together with local IT, facilities and purchasing managers, help to implement the strategy in our companies.

Some of our companies operate accredited environmental management systems. For example, BDG architecture + design, EWA Bespoke Communications, Headcount’s UK headquarters and Ogilvy London have achieved certification to international standard ISO 14001. Given WPP’s diversified and decentralised structure we do not operate a certified Group-wide environmental management system.

We were ranked 41 out of 500 in Newsweek magazine’s Green Rankings 2011, which ranks the world’s largest companies according to their environmental impact, management and reporting practices.

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