Engagement & Participation

Governments and multinational organisations urgently need to reconnect with their citizens.

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In many countries, trust in government and multinational organisations is falling. Turnout in elections is at an all-time low. This does not mean that citizens don’t care – millions are mobilising around specific issues and causes, whether on social media or on the streets in protest movements. In an age of almost unlimited information, those that govern must become more open and transparent to maintain the support of their citizens.

What we do:

We help governments and multinational organisations reconnect by creating opportunities for citizen engagement and participation. We use both traditional techniques and digital approaches, including:

- Social media listening, insight, engagement and consultation
- Content strategy and storytelling
- Events and roadshows
- Youth education programmes
- Voter turnout campaigns
- Public consultation exercises
- Deliberative approaches, such as participatory budgeting
- Crowdsourcing
- Open data and data visualisation


Voter Turnout Campaigns

Voter Turnout Campaigns

Increasing democratic participation through effective communication. This report distils key lessons on increasing voter participation, combining behavioural theories with insights from practitioners who have led some of the most successful turnout campaigns in recent years.

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